Authorities in Wuzhi county of Henan province are asking students to drink traditional medicines though the students are not sick.

Mainland media reported that Wuzhi officials issued a letter to university students coming back home for summer vacation on May 25.

Accordingly, students must inform local authorities three days before returning to their hometown. The students must also have negative results within 48 hours before entering the county.

At the same time, all returning students are required to drink Chinese decoction for three days.

The measures raised concerns among netizens. Some wondered what the specific Chinese medicines are in the decoction. Others questioned why the students need the medicine when they are not sick.

On May 26, the county mayor’s hotline staff confirmed that that measure was not mandatory. But it’s not only for university students. The measure applies to all returnees.

The staff explained this measure could play a preventive role. The staff added that the authorities would make suggestions to the relevant departments.

A netizen commented that on the hotline, they said it’s voluntary, but not on the hotline, they said everyone must take Chinese medicine for 3 days. The netizen said it was nonsense.

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