Sanitation workers don’t have any basic security guarantee. They work hard every day, regardless of the weather, to clean the city. However, they earn just above the local minimum salary.

A video on Twitter shows many sanitation workers gathering on the street to fight for their rights. The incident happened on June 30 in Changge city, Henan.

According to Wangjunxie, who posted this video, the workers did not get their salary, so they went on strike.

Netizens also left their comments. User @Gdesign said Zhongyuan, Henan went bankrupt. Another @_kekesan said, “Henan sanitation workers: go and join the group of right defenders in the township bank.”

A car suddenly bursts into flames, causing two girls to panic

A video on Twitter showed a car parked on the side of the road bursting into flames, causing the two girls inside to scream in panic. The incident happened on June 30, near Renmin Road, Xinxiang, Henan, at night. Fortunately, they could get their belongings out in time. A man helped them by using a personal fire extinguisher but could not extinguish the fire. They could only watch helplessly and wait for the fire brigade. The cause of the fire has not been determined.

Video depicts tunnel collapse accident: Authorities say it was due to a car accident

On June 29, a video of the “Jiangmen Lianhuashan Tunnel” spread on the internet. The video uploader said that it might be a “tunnel collapse.” The video shows people watching smoke and dust from the tunnel exhaust hatch. As a result, many cars can’t move, causing a gridlock.

The Jiangmen Traffic Police deny the incident was due to a landslide. Instead, they said that a two-car collision occurred in the Lianhuashan Tunnel of the Jianghe Expressway at 8 a.m. on June 29, causing traffic congestion in the direction of Zhongshan on that section. The Lianhuashan Tunnel is now open to regular traffic.

Shanghai: Sudden nucleic acid testing for all residents overnight

A month has passed since the Shanghai authorities lifted the lockdown. However, they can’t attain the Zero-Covid goal. Nucleic acid testing screening method for pathogens is still carried out everywhere.

A video on Twitter shows that all residents had nucleic acid testing overnight in the early morning on July 1 at Yanji West Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai. 

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