Due to the pandemic outbreak in Yanling district, Xuchang city, Henan province, people have been locked in for a month.

Recently, footage revealed a villager questioning a local official about being starved and then getting beaten by the official. The video angered the online community.

The scene shows an angry man in the street holding up his mobile phone and asking another man wearing a mask, “I was hungry for two days. Let me go home …What if you don’t solve it for me tomorrow … What if I starved to death ?” The man in the mask, unconcerned, replied, “If you die, you were sick.”

The man holding up his mobile phone accused, “You repeat (it), I will record it. Do you dare to take off your mask?.” When the official heard this, he rushed over and knocked the opponent to the ground. Then with another young man, they seriously beat him.

The video’s subtitle says this happened on the 28th day of the Yanling lockdown in Xuchang.

According to New Tang Ren China, Local official Yanling has Yanling local authorities have covered the latest outbreak since early October. Leaked information says up to 13,600 people have been infected.

In a group called “Yanling No. 1 High School”, netizens have revealed that more than 5000 students were infected. They said some female students were isolated in the same room with a 20-year-old male. males.

Others said, “On the first day of transferring, the students stood in the playground all night to wait for their transferred buses; all had a high fever of 40 degrees and were wearing thin clothes.”

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