The protest of depositors’ legal rights in Henan has shown the helplessness and misery of the grassroots.

They cannot withdraw their hard-earned money for more than a month.
As a result, a group of depositors gather and travel to Henan Provincial Government to protest. They hold flags and banners to ask the government to protect their rights. They chant slogans. Some even kneel on the streets to petition.

However, in addition to tear gas and handcuffing, the police have adopted stricter measures.

The police have been divided into two forces, one in plain clothes and the other in uniforms.

In the beginning, a group of people in the black lined up like a human wall. They subsequently rushed into the crowd and locked the throats of the protestors. Another group of uniformed police on the scene turned a blind eye.

A demonstrator said the police cars followed the crowd the whole process. At noon, protestors arrived near the Henan Provincial Government. The police cleared all the streets, put martial law on the ground, and blocked people in the middle circle. They organized half in plainclothes and the other half in uniform. They then used force to suppress, escort everyone to the car, and centralize control.

According to the news from the scene, the police forcibly deleted the photos and ID cards. They also forced people to sign the guarantee. If the protestors don’t sign, they will be taken away and sent to the station to buy a ticket, forcibly send them homes.

Another protestor says it is so desperate that Henan has used special police and plainclothes forces to treat innocent citizens. It is like a gangland.

He added that the police don’t catch those who rob money from the bank, but they arrest unarmed people who legally defend their rights.

Apart from arresting hundreds of people directly, depositors soon found that police also began to delete online posts on a large scale.

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