The nucleic acid sampling house in China’s Henan Province has recently caused controversy among the public.

Although it costs nearly 50,000 yuan (about 7,500 dollars), it has created inconvenience for both the medical staff and citizens.

Let’s see how it functions.

Medical workers must squat on the chair inside to take COVID-19 samples for the people outside.

Citizens have to squat outside for nucleic acid testing too.

Or some must do a horse stance like this.

Children need adults’ assistance to take samples for testing.

Two small holes in the window are designed for medical professionals to reach out and operate the process. However, they have to manage to make their work done due to the inappropriate height of the window.

Their postures turn out to be very uncomfortable.

The design also makes the sanitization more difficult.

The new testing house has attracted a lot of discussion among netizens.

One netizen says that not only is the design unreasonable, but the efficiency of the sample is very low. He doesn’t know what people think when purchasing it.

Another says that the position of citizens doing the nucleic acid test is not much compared to the medical staff who have to work in that house all day.

According to China Fund News, the company responsible for this nucleic acid sampling house was established on May 7. It won the bid 11 days after its establishment.

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