Henan: Man created a unique chair that helps when taking a nucleic acid test

Nucleic acid testing has become a part of Chinese people’s lives since the COVID pandemic broke out in the country.

Recently, a viral video attracted netizens’ attention due to a man’s creativity in Henan province.

Footage shows a man using a bamboo frame like the flower palanquin with a chair in the middle. He attached spikes at both ends of the frame to keep those waiting for testing at a distance. With this invention, waiting for a nucleic acid test for many hours has become more comfortable because he can sit and rest.

According to Chinese media, many people were interested and praised his creation. They left comments saying that a patent could be granted to the man and suggested that he add a roof to shelter from the rain and sun.

Fiery clouds appear in the sky of Nantong

On October 21, beautiful fiery clouds appeared at sunrise in the sky of Nantong, Jiangsu.

Footage shows red-orange clouds interspersed with purple clouds gradually appearing. The orange-red sky suffused the river with color, and ships seemed to glide through the fiery clouds as if entering a magical world.

Many white dolphins ‘travel’ on Gulangyu Island in Xiamen

At noon on October 20, locals photographed about 10 Chinese white dolphins in groups near the piano pier on Gulangyu Island, Xiamen. 
The white dolphin is a nationally protected wildlife species. They are called “sea giant pandas,” and are very sensitive to the environment and seawater quality. This mammal rarely appears, especially swimming around like in the video. However, this year, local citizens have repeatedly photographed swimming white dolphins.

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