Recently, “emergency notices” from Pingdingshan City and Shangqiu City in Henan Province have circulated online. They pointed out that “the epidemic situation in Zhengzhou City is complex and severe, and is in a period of rapid rise.”

Two notices on October 19 indicated that “the epidemic situation is getting more and more serious at Henan Cancer Hospital, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, Zhengda University No. 1 Hospital, No. 3 Hospital of Henan province, Zhengzhou airport area, and Foxconn Enterprises.”

According to RFA, authorities broadcast urgent notices ordering the “investigation and control” of residents from Zhengzhou throughout Henan.

A private chat group of Zhengzhou residents said, “the pandemic situation in Zhengzhou is more serious than expected, comparable to Shanghai at the beginning of the year.”

It also said, “the square cabin in Zhengzhou is full, and many positive patients are at home. No one (came to) pull them (to quarantine).”

It added, “The authorities did not inform the public. One (reason) is that too many cases are too late to be reported, and the other—it’s afraid of causing panic. Xinjiang has been closed since the end of August, and Zhengzhou is likely the second Xinjiang. At present, the workload of community personnel is unprecedented.”

The authorities often hide information about the pandemic across the mainland. Therefore, netizens and the public are very sensitive to rumors from leaked information.

Footage shows Zhengzhou, a city of 14 million people, without a single person on the highway. Instead, there are dozens of vehicles spraying toxic disinfectant on the streets. 

At 2 a.m on October 26, the people of Zhengzhou shouted indignantly from high-rise apartment buildings about being starved. 

In addition, several viral videos showed Foxconn factory workers in Zhengzhou scrambling for distributed supplies. 

Employees in protective suits fled from angry and hungry workers who had not had food for days.

About 300,000 workers are believed to be in quarantine at the factory. Leaked information said there were hundreds of positive cases daily, but the authorities immediately denied this information.

Netizens have revealed another video showing authorities removing the body of a worker believed to have died of starvation from the dormitory. 

The CCP continuously applies blockade measures that keep people locked in their homes. As a result, many ran out of food and had no choice but to risk escaping, which in one case led to tragic results.

The Shihe community in Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone has been under lockdown due to a few positive cases. 
A tragic incident was recorded on the camera phone of a resident living in the opposite building. On October 23, a man hung a blanket out to dry on the balcony to cover up the risky act of climbing out of the blockade building from the 17th floor. But he, unfortunately, fell to the ground and died on the spot.

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