Since April, many depositors of several village banks in Henan Province have been unable to withdraw their money. Until now, the actions of rights protection of Henan rural banks’ depositors are turning into conflicts between the government and the people. No real solutions or explanations are given. 

A video shows four police dragging a depositor out of the bank as if he was a criminal. The incident occurred at the Kaifeng New Oriental Village Bank, one of the four Henan banks that do not allow money withdrawal.

Torrential rain after high temperatures, unpredictable weather is tormenting Henan residents

During mid-June, Henan experienced high temperatures of up to 40°C (104 °F). Now, heavy rains and flooding are everywhere.

The yellow warning signal for heavy rainfall from the Henan Meteorological Station is in effect. Red warnings for heavy rain have been issued in Anyang, Xinyang, Jiaozuo, Hebi, Xinxiang, and other places. This rainfall was jointly affected by the remnant circulation of typhoon Chaba (Siamba) and the westerly wind belt system.

A video shows the flood that affected Xinyang, Henan province, on July 5. Floodwaters have submerged vehicles and streets; water has flooded most of the second floor of a building.

Sichuan records hot temperatures up to 40.4°C (104.7°F)

On July 6, the maximum temperature in Jianyang, Qingchuan, and many other places in Sichuan exceeded 40℃, breaking the local record for extreme temperatures. The maximum temperature in Jianyang, Chengdu was 40.4°C (104.7°F).

Data from the Sichuan Provincial Climate Center shows that this sustained high temperature is actually the most widespread and intense this year. So far, 60 county stations in the province have experienced the highest temperature in the same period in history.

In July, the average temperature in Sichuan is usually about 29°C (84°F) in the south and below 20°C (68°F) in most of the west. In winter, the temperatures can reach 18 °F (-8 °C). The current heat wave is taking people by surprise. 

People had to wade into the river to soak their feet and cool off. Not only humans, but also animals cannot withstand such harsh weather. A video shows a dog buried under the sun and having to change its paws in Mianyang, Sichuan.  

The weather is so hot that swallows fly in the sky to the North. In Chengdu Zoo, the elephant had to soak in the waterfall, and the monkeys competed for ice.

According to China’s weather forecast, the maximum temperature will remain at 37℃ (98.6 F) in Sichuan until July 9.

Climbing fences to escape: Shanghai people no longer endure isolation

Shanghai re-opened after a tight lockdown, but the government has not yet reached the goal of Zero-Covid. From July 7, the risk level of many areas in Shanghai city will be adjusted. The government added one high-risk area and 49 medium-risk. These areas are controlled, and residents cannot enter and exit freely. 

A video shows the Shanghai people can no longer tolerate control areas like before. On July 6, residents were fearless and climbed up fences to escape.

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