A 51-year-old man in early July murdered an 18-year-old schoolgirl in Henan. Her brother then called on the authorities to punish the suspect but suddenly deleted the post, apologizing to everyone and saying he hoped his family was safe. Chinese-language media reported that the brother died an unnatural death afterward, and public attention was focused on local authorities.

Death of Henan schoolgirl

According to Vision Times, a 51-year-old man killed an 18-year-old high school girl from the same village on July 1 in Xin’an District 新安, Luoyang City 洛阳, Henan Province 河南.

The victim is Feng Mou Yue 冯某月, studying at the No. 1 high school in Xin’an District. She has just completed the college entrance exam with a high score of 601. According to her classmates, she is a student with high scores, hardworking and obedient.

After completing the exam on July 1, she was alone at home to fill out some information on the application form. Radio Free Asia said her first choice was Zhengzhou University.

The victim’s mother recounted that she cared for her biological parents in their home while her husband worked out. The mother came back home and found that the door was open. Her daughter had disappeared while the computer, mobile phone, and school materials were still in place.

Guessing something was wrong, she quickly went out and looked for her daughter, and at 6 pm found her daughter dead in a cave 10 meters away from her house.

The Xin’an District Public Security Office announced on July 4 that the criminal suspect is Feng Moumin (single male, 51 years old), who lives in Badou Mountain 八陡. He is unemployed and lives with his 70-year-old mother.

The victim’s mother said: “We usually greet each other when we meet, but we don’t have much contact and we don’t have conflicts.”

She told reporters that when her daughter’s body was found, it was covered with a plastic sheet and had a hole in the head.

The murder motive is still unknown.

Victim’s brother calls for justice, strangely followed by an apology

The brother, Feng Hao 冯浩, facing his sister’s death, posted an article on Weibo.

He wrote: “An 18-year-old girl fulfilled her dream of going to university, but unfortunately died by the villain’s hands in the same village. My name is Feng Hao, brother of the victim, living in Badou Mountain, Xin’an District, Luoyang City, Henan Province. My sister, Feng Mou Yue, died on the afternoon of July 1, 2022 in a murder in my own home. I can’t believe such a thing happened. My sister just finished her college entrance exam this year. Yesterday she filled out the information at home and her parents went out to do errands. Misfortune came, the wicked broke into the house, dragged the girl to an abandoned cave, killed and then fled home. Extremely cruel method. What a wicked heart. Injuring a girl with bare hands like that while there’s no animosity between the two sides, this method is cruel.”

Feng Hao said that the suspect had committed many crimes against the law before but was never punished.

“I hope that the authorities will pay attention and help, hope that the evil man can be properly punished and give justice to my sister, and at the same time hope that it can promote the construction of rural areas legitimacy and prevent similar cases happening again.”

After the article was published, netizens quickly turned their attention to the local authority. However, not long after that, Feng Hao’s Weibo account was deleted, and he also issued an unusual apology.

He wrote: “I am extremely sorry for affecting society and the government, I am ready to bear the consequences. Please do not bring disaster to my family and my friends.”

Villagers say the older brother committed suicide

Residents told Shandong Business Daily and Subao News reporters on July 6 that the brother had been in an accident.

Radio Free Asia reported that the local funeral home confirmed on July 5 that it had received a male body, surname Feng, born in 1996, with the same home address as the murdered female student.

According to the villagers, the older brother jumped to his death. However, the exact information is yet to be verified.

Radio Free Asia called the Xin’an District Public Security Office twice to confirm the incident: The first time was unsuccessful, and the second time received an answer that the matter was under investigation. However, the police did not provide further information.

Public opinion scrutinizes local government

The incident quickly attracted the netizens’ attention—information about the two people spread on social networking sites such as Weibo. Vision Times said that as of 9 pm on July 7, it had attracted more than 5,407 million followers on Weibo alone.

Radio Free Asia quotes some netizens’ comments as follows:

A netizen worried about the brothers’ parents “how can parents live?”

“Is there still justice in this world…”

Others think Feng Hao was young, just graduated from university, and still has parents at home. He can’t just jump to his death like that. “What is the truth?”

Some people discovered that Feng Hao’s apology note said he hoped his family was not harmed. That means he’s scared. He is facing some kind of pressure or threat.

The newspaper also cited comments by Henan media. Including one journalist who suggested that Feng Hao’s death could have been an unusual accident. This journalist asked what was the cause of Feng Hao’s death? Does it have anything to do with the people forcing him to apologize? “If so, the cruelty of those people is worse than the murderer! “

So a schoolgirl murder case that led to her brother’s death reveals doubts about the behavior of local authorities.

Vision Times quoted one netizen saying: “It’s so dark that we can’t see. Is this the so-called People’s Republic? In this prosperous time, it shouldn’t be!”

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