On November 11, a clothing store in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang province, was fined a yellow card by the Market Supervision Bureau. It was because the owner slept in the store without wearing a mask.

A video uploaded on Chinese social media shows that the staff of the Market Supervision Bureau came to the clothing store in Mudanjiang to check. At the time, the female store manager was sleeping in her store.

The staff then asked the female store manager why she was not wearing a mask. The woman said she was taking a nap and asked why she had to wear a mask.

In the end, the clothing store was issued a yellow card, and ordered to rectify immediately.

On the next day, the female manager said that no customer had come since the yellow card was issued. This had a great impact on her business. 

She expressed her worry about when the yellow card would be removed.

The incident was then posted on Weibo, which sparked the public’s outcry. 

People criticized:

“Who wears a mask when sleeping?” 

“Is it wrong to breathe in Heilongjiang.”

Also, in Heilongjiang, a milk tea shop was ordered to shut down.
The reason was the employee allegedly first said “Welcome” and then “Scan the code” instead of saying “Scan the code” first. The incident then prompted the public’s anger on the Internet as well.

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