On December 15th, Zhao Guojun, deputy procurator of the Jixi City Procuratorate, and Liu Li, the former deputy chief prosecutor of the Jixi City Procuratorate, were expelled.

According to NTDTV, Zhao Guojun has been transferred to the prosecutor’s office for consideration and prosecution for a series of crimes. Those offenses include arranging the receipt of gifts, organizing banquets, interfering in construction project contracts, transferring land-use rights, long-term drug use, and loan sharking, among others.

Zhao Guojun was born in July 1964 in Jixi, Heilongjiang. He worked in the local prosecutor’s office in Jixi for a long time. From June 2012, he held the position of deputy party secretary and deputy prosecutor of Jixi City Procuratorate until May 2021.

In addition, Liu Li, who has worked with Zhao Guojun for four years, is also suspected of using drugs for a long period of time.

Liu Li was investigated and “disappeared” in October 2018.

According to the official announcement in April 2019, Liu Li is suspected of taking bribes and breaking the law. At that time, he held the positions of the chief prosecutor of Hengshan District and deputy prosecutor of Jixi City Procuratorate. Liu Li organized and participated by evil means to obtain long-term property.

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