Recently, an incident regarding the alleged inhumane behavior of an ambulance driver caught the public’s attention. 

According to mainland media, a citizen of Wuchang City, Harbin, called an ambulance to send his critically ill mother home. He didn’t expect that the ambulance driver would increase the transportation price from an initial 1,600 yuan (about $220) to 4,600 yuan (about $630). 

The patients’ relatives were threatened with being made to get out of the vehicle if they did not agree to pay. In the end, the elderly mother died as soon as she arrived home.

0:05- 0:07 The price agreed before getting on the ambulance

0:08- 0:11 Then, now, when getting on the ambulance, you ask us [to pay more money]

0:13- 0:16 Are you not afraid of retribution?
0:22- 0:25 Won’t you face retribution for earning this money?

Xiaoxiang Morning News reported that the person who posted the above video was a woman surnamed Zhang from Wuchang City, Harbin. 

She said that on October 27, she and her brother contacted the Harbin 120 emergency center. They wanted to find an ambulance to take their critically ill mother home. 

After many attempts, she could find one ambulance that night via the referral of the operator of Wuchang People’s Hospital. With a total distance of 55 kilometers, the two sides agreed to send the patient home for 1,600 yuan. 

However, surprisingly, as soon as it left downtown Harbin, the nurse on the ambulance started to cleverly set up fees for ventilators and other equipment for the patient. The originally negotiated price of 1,600 yuan had been increased to 4,600 yuan.

0:59 Give me the price list and the invoice
1:01 I’ll give you the money

1:02 You have nothing! How can I give you money?

1:05 I can only take you here
1:07 You can only take me there?

1:08 Hurry up and call the police

However, the driver reportedly threatened to leave the elderly patient at the peak of the conflict. No choices; Zhang had to pay for it. 

Zhang added, “A few minutes after I got home, my mother died.”

After the news broke out, the 120 Emergency Center of Wuchang City People’s Hospital denied responsibility. It added that it was the operator’s personal behavior, and the hospital dismissed the operator.

The Public Security Bureau of Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province, stated that suspects including the ambulance driver and the hospital operator had been arrested. The case is now under further investigation. 

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