Although Daqing City, Heilongjiang, has not reported any positive COVID cases, reports are that some wholesale markets in the nine districts remain shut down. As a result, merchants struggled to earn a living and protested. Several police were then dispatched to suppress the crowd.

As Chinese media Da Ji Yuan reported, on November 3, these merchants protested against the regime’s handling of COVID outbreaks. They demanded that the market resume operations. As a result, some of them were taken away by special police.

Selling vegetables

All vegetables are frozen

They are all thrown away

All fruits are thrown away 

The pandemic itself throws so much goods

Loses so much money

We are not allowed to return to work after the end, and we are almost out of food.

Ms. Yu, the owner of the market in the 9th district of Daqing, stated that authorities placed it under lockdown on August 27. There haven’t been any other COVID positive cases. She added that if merchants were not allowed to resume work and production, she was afraid that these people would starve to death.

According to a merchant named Ms. Lin, the district authority promised that it would come to check the situation. 

The news outlet then contacted the district authority and the mayor’s hotline, but to no avail.

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