On October 20, Hefei, China, announced that people could not leave Hefei unless necessary, and people in high-risk areas must stay indoors. The notice also includes suspending schools at all levels. People are barred from public places and public transport systems. All supermarkets and retail pharmacies operate online only. Daily COVID tests are enforced at testing facilities.

According to NTD China, on October 20, Hefei CDC said that the city’s essential supplies were fully stocked and advised people not to hoard food. However, many Hefei residents scoffed at the announcement. Many commented that they could not believe what the authorities said anymore.

Meanwhile, the Hefei online community continued to spread the news and warn each other about the closures where they live.

Despite rumors that the city would not blockade, people still rushed to supermarkets and stores to collect food.
A local netizen left a message saying he walked around the supermarket for food but came out with nothing because it was overcrowded. He also mentioned that Shanghai was only going to be sealed for seven days at the beginning, but the Shanghai people ended up enduring a three months lockdown.

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