As reported by Creaders, a massive explosion at a shop in a commercial street occurred on the morning of June 24, in Hebei province. Two people are dead, and 20 have been injured. Stores have been damaged beyond recognition. 

At 9:18 on June 24, a liquefied petroleum gas tank exploded at a shop in Times Square, Fuchengshang Street, Sanhe city.

The blaze engulfed two lines of houses, leaving them gutted by the fire. Other stores nearby suffered considerable damage.

The streets are full of glass fragments, steel bars, and debris. Shops were blown up and are unrecognizable, with transport and business at a standstill.

The scene is one of chaos, with people covered in blood.

One man is carried out and left lying on the ground while waiting for an emergency vehicle.

An owner of a store near the scene recalls a loud noise at about 9:20 in the morning. All the glass began shaking. The explosion site was in the southwest of his store, about 50 meters away. He thought it was an earthquake, so he ran out quickly.

A witness says the whole street has become dark, and the glass fronts of shops were shattered. Also, the blast destroyed the windows of passing cars.

Mainland netizens comment that this commercial street is usually very crowded. Fortunately, the explosion happened in the morning when shops were still closed. However, deaths and injuries would have been much greater if it had occurred at night.

On-site search and rescue ended at 1:30 pm. A total of 22 people were injured, and 2 of them died after rescue efforts were unsuccessful.

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