Zhang Cuilei and Xing Yong—a Hebei couple—were intercepted in Beijing and taken back to their hometown. 

They suspect the authorities did not want them to protest or petition as the 20th Communist Party Congress was around the corner. 

This is their story

Zhang Cuilei and her husband are from Shijiazhuang City, Hebei. In 2005, she filed a lawsuit against Zhonghong Real Estate Company for the forced demolition of her house. 

Since then, she has not stopped litigating and asking for her rights. However, because of this, she has been abducted and illegally detained several times. She has not found justice, but the repression, abduction, detention and criminal arrest have increased.

Beaten and kidnapped in Beijing

On October 13, the couple was intercepted by dozens of what seemed to be unidentified plainclothes officers at the west exit of Minsheng Village, Beijing. 

The couple was currently working in Beijing, the last stop they had hoped for. They took years to file lawsuits to defend their rights to the highest levels of leadership in China. After being beaten, they were kidnapped and brought back to their hometown in Hebei.

The wife, Zhang Cuilei, an The Epoch Times reporter on October 23 that the couple’s attackers were not wearing police uniforms and didn’t reveal their identities despite being repeatedly asked. 

She said, “they have no law enforcement authority in Beijing, but they act like thugs. They pinned my husband to the ground and tore his clothes. When my right thumb broke, and I screamed in pain, they chased my husband and me away.”

Zhang reported that four to five days before being abducted on October 13, a group of people also broke open the door of their Beijing residence to harass them.

Once in their hometown in Hebei, Zhang Cuilei learned that the police in Chang’an, Shijiazhuang, had kidnapped them.

She and her husband spoke up and asked the police for explanations. A director of the district office admitted what had happened, but did not add any extra information. 

They returned to Beijing on October 18. On October 19 they were arrested again and sent back to Hebei.

Zhang said, “Due to the CCP’s 20th National Party Congress, the Chang’an Shijiazhuang Office was afraid that the matter would be exposed, so they took us out of Beijing on the 19th. They promised to handle the matter immediately, and take internal sanctions against the wrongdoers. After the matter becomes clear, they will be prosecuted and arrested.”

However, the matter was again hushed up claiming that “investigation is ongoing” by Shijiazhuang authorities.

Detained and starved in 2012

As she told The Epoch Times China, on January 15, 2012, Lang Jianming, police chief of Qingyuan District in Shijiazhuang, sent someone to bring her from Beijing and illegally detained her in the backyard of Chang’an District Police Station.

Once in the backyard, the policeman told her directly, “Who said I would take care of you? We asked you to sign the application.

She was forced to sign a litigation waiver. However, Zhang did not comply. Zhang sat on a rattan chair in the backyard of the police station, in snowy weather and without food and water, for 27 consecutive hours, until she couldn’t stand it and asked to be released so she could go to the hospital.

“I have always asked Liang Jian Ming to give me the surveillance video of the backyard of Qingyuan Police Department, to prove his illegal behavior, I have been asking for 10 years, and now the current director Jia told me, ‘The surveillance video could not be found, there is no way to prove what you say’.”

An Epoch Times reporter called Jia Huiqiang, director of the Qingyuan District Police Department in Chang’an County, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, but could not reach him.

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