Snow fell unexpectedly in Jilin: Swallows did not have time to migrate

This year, a rare phenomenon appeared in Jilin during the transition period between late autumn and early winter, but the heavy snowfall in just one night surprised everyone.

According to Chinese media, since October 9, many parts of northern China have experienced strong winds, and the weather quickly cooled down due to a new wave of cold air. The lowest temperature has hit a new low since autumn in some areas. On October 10, heavy snowfall suddenly happened in Jilin province. The Jilin Provincial Meteorological Station also issued road snow and ice warning information.

A video shared online by locals shows swallows desperately looking for a place to hide. They usually only appear in the spring and migrate in the winter, but the severe weather and sudden changes left them unprepared this year.

Temperature in northern Guangdong fell below 10℃, an historical low for the same period

As reported by Chinese media, on October 11, temperatures in Guangdong province kept falling due to a confluence of chilly air and clear air radiation. In the morning, the lowest temperature in northern Guangdong Renhua, Lianshan, fell below 10℃ (below 50°F). The temperature in Renhua was 9.1℃ (48.4°F)—a new low in Guangdong for the second half of 2022—and the lowest in the province’s history for the same period.

Many other places in Guangdong also experienced a significant drop in temperature. For example, on October 11, the lowest temperature in the Pearl River Delta, western Guangdong, and elsewhere dropped below 20°C (below 68°F).

Cold weather also reduces humidity and leads to strong winds in coastal Guangdong, increasing the risk of wildfires. According to the Guangdong Meteorological Department, 102 forest fire warning signals have been in effect in the province. Of these, 56 are the highest-level forest fire warning signals in northern Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta.

Xian: Offline teaching suspended; museums are temporarily closed

The COVID pandemic in Xian continues to be complicated. According to NetEase, 24 new coronavirus infection cases were reported in Shaanxi Province on October 10. In addition, nine cases were confirmed locally, and 15 were of local asymptomatic infection.

Authorities in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, issued an emergency closure notice for primary and secondary schools on October 11. All students and teachers in the secondary school graduating class must be tested for nucleic acid on the same day.

Besides, many public places in the city were also closed, such as scenic spots, museums, and cinemas.
As reported by RFA, many people worry about the COVID pandemic continuing. The parents are facing a hard life. They must arrange their work besides caring for children when they cannot attend school.

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