Heavy rainstorms hit multiple cities in Gansu Province in the last couple of days, causing severe flooding. The flood damages infrastructures of the region, leaving local roads submerged, communication interrupted, power lost, and watermelon farms destroyed. 

On July 15, the Lanzhou Weather Bureau issued heavy rain alerts in Gansu Province. Since Friday, many places in the province have recorded heavy precipitation, with some reaching up to 200 mm to nearly 400 mm rainfall.

Malian River, a tributary of the Jing River in Qingyang City, rose rapidly, triggering a major flood in the area. The local weather bureau reported record high water levels in this river. Further rainfall is expected for the coming days.

In Longnan City, a house was swept away by a flash flood. One was rescued, and the others were reported missing. 

In Qingyang City, the water rose to houses, telecommunications networks were disrupted, power was cut off, and roads were submerged.

Ms. Jia, a farmer in Banqiao Town, Heshui County, said that her 0.8 acres of watermelons have all been washed away by the flood, and she feels distressed about the loss. 

According to local official statistics, the heavy rainfall affected over 1,600 households in the region. Many houses, farming crops, and roads were damaged.

China often faces heavy rains and floods in the summer, which cause landslides and submerge cities and farmlands. 

Reuters cited scientists saying that rapid development and urbanization in the past decades block off natural drainage systems and trigger floods. China’s official data reflects that about 98% of its 654 major cities are vulnerable to flooding and water-logging. 

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