Heavy rain in Henan leaves express company a mess

A heavy rainstorm has recently hit many regions in Henan province. A video shows after a new round of heavy rainfall, the express company, has become a mess with drenched documents and items. People are trying to pick up any remaining stuff that is still usable.

In addition, the heavy rain turned Streets in Zhengzhou city of Henan into rivers

Some parts of Shangqiu city, Henan have also suffered from severe convective weather with crops being damaged due to the heavy rain.

Xinjiang cotton faces high risk of crop failure due to extreme weather

According to Nikkei Asia, the new round of extreme temperatures has adversely affected some 20 provinces. As of 5 pm on July 23, 84 red alerts were in force across the country, mostly in Xinjiang. 

Chen Chunyan, a chief expert at Xinjiang Meteorological Observatory, says that continuous heat waves have accelerated glacial melting in mountainous areas. This results in natural disasters, such as flash floods, mudslides, and landslides in many places.

Cotton is a water-thirsty crop; Xinjiang makes up about 20% of the world’s cotton production.

Chen adds that such high temperatures could also impact crops, especially cotton.

Expert warns of heat stroke in China

According to Reuters, China will suffer the return of more heat waves from east to west over the next ten days until the end of July.

Shi Yan, a meteorological analyst at China Weather Network, reminds that during the last round of high temperatures, many people in Sichuan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and other places suffered heat stroke or even deaths. For this new round, the public must be well-prepared to cool down and prevent heat stroke.

According to The Paper, the mortality rate is extremely high in the event of heat stroke. It leads to different illnesses, such as skin burning, consciousness, and multiple organ dysfunction. These health problems do not appear suddenly but gradually aggravate. Therefore, if symptoms of mild heat stroke occur, such as heavy sweating, dizziness, weakness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, nausea, among others, it is essential to pay attention and deal with it in time.

A video shows a worker at the construction site suffering from heat stroke. He is placed on a desk indoors to rest, but he is seemingly unable to move.

Even lambs wear masks in Lanzhou

With a surge in COVID-19 cases, Lanzhou is the hardest-hit area in Gansu province. It has set up 67 high-risk areas three times a day. On July 20, thousands of anti-epidemic workers in the city carried out a nucleic acid test in some high-risk areas.

In addition to nucleic acid testing, wearing masks has become a norm for people during and after the epidemic. 

The video shows lambs in Lanzhou also wearing masks.

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