According to Deutsche Welle, since July 16, there have been multiple reports of epidemic prevention staff fainting under the heat. The authorities immediately issued a notice allowing medical staff to wear disposable isolation clothing when taking samples outdoors.

NetEase reported that the Health Commission of Nanchang 南昌 City, Jiangxi 江西 Province, issued a notice allowing medical staff who take samples outdoors to wear disposable isolation clothing instead of full protective gear.

Previously, in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius caused a nurse to faint at the nucleic acid sampling site. 

Experts from the Huashan 华山 Hospital also say when engaging in sampling work for the residents. Medical staff only need N95 masks and face screen protection.

Some netizens said this measure is more humane, as it’s difficult to wear thick protective clothes in summer.

On July 15, Xinhua News released a science article on “How to Prevent Heat Stroke.” It advised residents to stay in a shady or cool environment and drink salty beverages or water as much as possible.

Under strict epidemic prevention, China seems far from the goal of “zeroing out.” According to Bloomberg, China reported 450 new cases on July 15, the highest since May.

The government of Lanzhou 兰州 has ordered its 4.4 million residents to remain at home from Wednesday. In another area, a county in Anhui 安徽 province went into lockdown on Friday, and previously, Wugang 武冈 City, Hunan 湖南Province, imposed control over the city after a positive case was found.

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