When China suddenly relaxed the COVID measures, the number of deaths in Beijing rose. The funeral system was overloaded, and a huge crowd was on the road. 

On Tuesday, December 13, a user named “@xz1999999” posted a video showing a long line of vans carrying bodies in front of a Beijing crematorium. The line was so long that there seemed no end in sight. 

On Wednesday, December 14, the same Internet user shared another video. The videographer said that the trucks on the scene at Chang’an Avenue were all full of human remains. The cars have been waiting in line since yesterday. The man said he could not get in because there were daily lines like this.

Ms. Li works at the Beijing Eastern Suburb Funeral Home in Beijing’s Chaoyang District. She told Chinese language media Da Ji Yuan on Wednesday, December 14, that even though there is less control over the pandemic, family members are still not allowed to hold funerals. 

She added that seventy or eighty people could not be cremated on Wednesday morning, although two hundred bodies were burned daily. Moreover, she could not go home because of the workload.

Screenshots from “Dolphin Peipei” on Weibo show the chat of medical workers at the Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The chat said there is a severe shortage of workers because the funeral home workers tested positive in the past two days. As the number of deaths in Beijing goes up, it takes 5–7 days to burn the bodies, and the accumulation of remains is serious. The message asks not to interfere or call because there’s nowhere to put the frozen remains.

Twitter user @xz1999999 said, “… people who died of infection with the new crown have to ask their family members to choose whether the cause of death is the new crown or pneumonia. If you choose the new crown, the morgue and cremation may not accept it. …It is to force the family to choose pneumonia, so that the number of deaths from the epidemic can not be counted.”

Ms. Liang lives in Hebei and works in Beijing. She said that after the Communist regime suddenly lifted the COVID measures, medical security could not keep up. 

Ms. Liang said that Beijing and Hebei are important pilot sites for handling COVID measures. But, there are no medical treatments or simple medicines to lower fever for mild cases. If someone has serious symptoms and he calls the emergency hotline 120, no one will show up. If the family sends him to the hospital, the hospital won’t take him in because there’s insufficient space. So they have to take him home and watch him die.

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