Henan Bank depositors have seen their health codes turn red when claiming their money back, but so have owners of unfinished building projects in Zhengzhou. Having a red code means a person must stay home or face forced quarantine. 

As Sina News reported, some people denounced that with a negative testing result and no positive close contacts, suddenly their codes changed from green to red. These people had in common that they were all depositors whose accounts had been frozen and planned to go to Henan’s capital city, Zhengzhou, from various places on June 13 to try to withdraw their savings. 

According to certain netizens who spoke to “Listed Planet,” the red codes provided to depositors at village banks were not a massive data system error, nor was it a random occurrence.

According to public information, “Sunac Zhongyuan Daguan” is a suspended real estate undertaking in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, near the northwest corner of Zhongzhou Avenue on the Northern Ring Road 3, with a total area of 306 m2. 

Similarly, on June 15, Chinese media The Paper reported that several homeowners of the “Sunac Zhongyuan Daguan” project had the same problem. Their health codes suddenly changed to red. Someone with a red code is supposed to move to the site under intensified medical surveillance or stay secluded at home. Many owners went green after complaining about the mistake, but their concerns remain unanswered.

Sunac Zhongyuan Daguan’s homeowners claim that the investor agreed to deliver the houses in July 2022. Still, the construction has been halted for eight months, putting the project at risk of going unfinished.

According to a report by China’s CRIC real estate research center, residential projects in Zhengzhou still have numerous unsolved problems. By the end of 2021, there were 274 projects which involved 25,249 houses in which construction was delayed and suspended. Mingmen Cuiyuan and other long-unfinished projects in major cities have often led investors to pause.

According to the local health committee, the “Big Data Administration” is responsible for the situation. The obligation was then transferred to the local epidemic prevention command. The command in charge of epidemic prevention does not appear to have “clarified itself” yet.

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