China Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervision Commission website published the confession of Chongqing official, He Yong on April 28. This confession exposed a lot of his corruption details.

He Yong, deputy director of the Population, Resources and Environment Construction Committee of the Chongqing Municipal Political Consultative Conference, said in his confession that he has a deep habit. He consistently loves to make friends and is willing to help businessmen and bosses around him. He is known as “second master He,” which he is proud of.

He Yong has worked in Bishan, Hechuan, and Shapingpa for 15 years as an “executive” and was dubbed by his friends as an ‘old executive, half a step away.” His state of mind gradually became unbalanced, and grievances slowly emerged.

He Yong said that his misplaced view of power made him gradually become enthusiastic about dealing with business bosses and engaging in the power it brought him. He also loves making friends and having entertainment. For example, if He Yong calls with the password “research documents,” the bosses will come to play the mahjong game that he loves.

He Yong had worked in the district for a long time. Every time he took part in the businessman boss’s meal, he would take his wife. His wife gradually became accustomed to luxury and enjoyed the “second sister” title, becoming He Yong’s “money counter machine.” His wife received a lot of cash outside and laundered the money. He Yong believes that directly receiving money is less safe than taking it through his wife.

He Yong’s son also participated in corruption; he let his son engage with businessmen to make friends and learn to do business and run projects. Leading businessmen follow him and send him bribes.

He Yong is 63 years old. He is from Xichong, Sichuan, with a bachelor’s degree. He used to be a member of the Standing Committee and Executive Deputy Head of the Hechuan District Committee of Chongqing and a member of the Standing Committee and Executive Deputy Head of the Shapingpa district Committee. In January 2018, he was appointed as a department-level cadre of the Shapingpa district Government of Chongqing city. He retired in April 2020, and his investigation began in September of the same year.

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