Xu Bingsong, former Vice Chairman of the Guangxi Autonomous Region Government was sentenced to life in prison for corruption more than two decades ago. Yet, this month, he was seen cheerfully celebrating his 81st birthday with family, friends, and other corrupted colleagues in public.

In a video that surfaced on June 23, Xu wished the guests to be like him and live happily until old age.

The stout old man said, quote, “After going to bed, remember to get up. I don’t remember getting up is very troublesome. I hope that all my dear friends and relatives here will be like me and be happy until old age…,” end quote.

As featured in the footage, there were around ten tables and the atmosphere was lively.

Xu then introduced his dear comrade, Yu Fanglin, former secretary of the Qinzhou Municipal Party Committee. Other former officials, including the secretary of a municipal party committee and a director of an autonomous region, were also called up.

According to Radio Free Asia, Xu Bingsong was born on December 29, 1943. He became vice-chairman of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in 1993. He served as secretary of Guangxi Guixian County and secretary of Yulin Municipal Party Committee.

During his tenure as Vice Chairman of the Guangxi Autonomous Region, Xu was accused of abusing his position to seek benefits for others. He received 550,000 yuan worth of property in bribes seven times. The equivalent U.S. dollars for that amount is unclear, judging by the time of his prosecution. At present day, 550,000 yuan equates to more than 82,000 dollars.

Xu was arrested in 1998. A court in 1999 ruled that he must spend life behind bars for accepting bribes, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscated property of 100,000 yuan. 

Xu’s comrade Yu Fanglin was the former secretary of the Qinzhou 钦州 Municipal Committee of Guangxi and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress. According to Sina, Yu is another corrupt official sentenced to life in prison.

He was investigated in 1998 after an official confessed to giving him 900,000 yuan, 134,000 dollars, to be given an official position. Investigators later said they uncovered 128 pieces of valuables such as gold and silver jewelry. Together, they were worth more than 430,000 yuan, or 64,000 dollars, enough to open a gold and silver jewelry store.

In total, the court determined that Yu accepted more than 2.03 million yuan (303,000 dollars) in bribes. He also owned property of more than 1.88 million yuan or 281,000 dollars which he could not explain the legitimate source.

It is unclear when Xu and Yu were freed and under what conditions.

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