In Hangzhou, Zhejiang, two pandemic prevention staff (or Dabai) in white hazmat suits forcibly took a man from his home after reportedly refusing to go to a COVID quarantine facility. 

In a video published early this month, the man was lying on a living room couch with blankets. Two Dabai appeared and yelled at the man. They demanded to take the man to a quarantine facility. The man allegedly refused to follow the order. He grabbed the couch while the two Dabais tried to get him away. [VIDEO]

Witnessing the scene, the woman in the video begged the authorities “not to be so violent.” She said that they could have time to speak instead of dragging the man like that. 

According to Yahoo News, the incident happened late last month in the eastern city of Hangzhou, just southwest of Shanghai.

The video’s on-screen text read, citing the Linping District Government as a source, “He was identified as being a ‘close contact’ of a person who tested positive for COVID.”

The video’s on-screen text added, “Authorities also said they ‘reprimanded and educated the relevant individuals.’”

The scenes came as China decided to further ease its COVID restrictions after more than two years of pandemic restrictions. 

However, the video shows that authorities in the country are still enforcing strict measures to stop the virus from spreading.

Unprecedented protests against the regime’s “zero-COVID” policy have been taking place recently. And many citizens of other nations, like Germany and Japan, have also shown support by holding protests.

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