The Secret of China reported on August 5 about their interview of young people who came to Hangzhou. Most of them felt that the city was livable. At first, they did not intend to leave Hangzhou, but later considered leaving Hangzhou.

A few years ago, Hangzhou was considered the fastest growing city in the Internet industry. The Internet giant led by Alibaba has created one rich legend after another in Hangzhou, attracting young workers to the city.

The author found that since February this year, many internet workers in Hangzhou have been laid off. These people have not reached the “35-year-old threshold,” not even 30 years old.

Xiaobei 1996, a 3-year product manager of a large factory, had no intention of leaving Hangzhou at first. HR fired him in March of this year.

He said, “I was just over 20 years old. But from the moment I got hired, I was ready to be laid off. The HR firm gives two options, resign or transfer.”

He added that he used to think Hangzhou was a place worth living in and had many reasons to stay, but now it’s only because my boyfriend is here.

Search for “Hangzhou internet outages,” and you’ll see some information.

Headlines frequently appear on Xiaohongshu: “Hangzhou was laid off, and I woke up naturally”–

At first, sudden unemployment is very exciting because of the possible time controllable. Then the income is unstable. Because the job is not stable, some people cut their debts. Some people pack up and leave. 

Another employee, James 1991, the Internet factory cartographer, was about to be fired.

He said that going to Hangzhou, Ali, Taobao, short videos, e-commerce, and the Internet would bring him more opportunities.

However, he revealed, “Under normal circumstances, my salary is at least over 10,000, but now I earn 5,000 or 6,000 a month, barely keeping up with expenses.”

He added that the current situation is mainly the epidemic that has affected the economy, but not being able to do it does not mean that what you do is worthless.

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