On May 18, an enormous amount of water flooded Hangzhou’s Jinshahu Subway Station. Water poured down from the ceilings, leaving the ground under half a meter deep in water. The operation of 5 other stations was interrupted.

The Hangzhou Daily reported that at 3:00 pm on the 18th, there was a pipe surge in the sunken square of Jinsha Lake Park. The lake water overflowed, resulting in waterlogging in the Jinsha Lake subway station. Everyone was evacuated.

Many people videotaped the water coming from the stairs, escalators, and ceiling. Almost everyone’s lower body was soaked, and their pants and shoes were covered with mud.

A citizen surnamed Hou from Hangzhou told mainland The Hour newspaper that he was on his way home from work. He’s supposed to get off at Jinsha Lake Station but ended up at the next stop, Gaosha Station.

He witnessed water pouring into the platform of Jinshahu Station like waterfalls. While filming the scene, he saw staff carrying sandbags into the subway.

According to the Hangzhou Metro Official, on May 19, the five stations that pass the Jinsha Lake station will stop working. Passengers are requested to make travel plans in advance. The Hangzhou Bus Group Company has dispatched 20 buses to help with the evacuation of the subway station.

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