The Covid-19 epidemic in Hainan province has recently become serious, especially in Haikou and Danzhou city. While Haikou urgently ordered a 7-day temporary control from the evening of July 9, Danzhou launched an emergency notice, temporarily imposing control for 3 days.

According to The Paper, 9 confirmed positive cases were found on July 9 in Haikou. All of them are colleagues working at the Haikou Bay Plaza construction site. They traveled from Xuwen to Haikou on June 30 on the same ship as the positive person reported by Guangzhou on July 8.

To reduce the flow of people and the risk of cross-infection, the Haikou government decided to implement 7-day temporary control measures from 6 pm on July 9.

Public entertainment and leisure venues (KTV, bars, etc.), places where people gather for business (gyms, agencies, etc.), and public cultural activities (libraries, theaters, etc.) are required to close for one week. Special places such as orphanages and nursing homes are closed for management, and no large meetings or offline training will be held for one week. Small communities, supermarkets, and other places strictly scan codes, measure temperature, standardize mask-wearing, ventilate and disinfect.

In addition, Haikou officials urgently adjusted the policy of entering and leaving Haikou.

People from high-risk areas entering Haikou must take 7 days of centralized isolation medical observation. During this time, they will take regular testing on the first, second, third, fifth, and seventh days. Those from medium-risk areas also take 7 days of home isolation and will do the testing on the first, fourth and seventh days. Those from the low-risk areas will have temperature taken, scans, a check of health code and trip card upon arrival at customs, and require one landing inspection.

For leaving the city, residents in high-risk areas will implement “stay-at-home, door-to-door service,” while those in medium-risk areas can go out to buy things at different regulated times. Citizens in low-risk areas must hold negative nucleic acid test certificates within 48 hours. 

As of 4 pm the next day, 415 people had been found in close contact, and 8 of them were positive in nucleic acid testing.

Danzhou authorities issued a notice on the evening of July 9, saying they would implement temporary control for three days from midnight on July 09. Public places such as teahouses and gyms are all closed.

Data from CEIC shows at the end of 2021, the permanent population of Haikou was over 2.9 million, making it the most populous city in Hainan province. Danzhou has more than 975,000 registered residents at the end of 2021. In other words, nearly 4 million people from 2 cities are under control due to the current epidemic outbreak.

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