The Covid-19 epidemic is spreading on Hainan Island. On August 4, the press conference on disease prevention and control in Sanya city announced that variants BA.5.1.3 had appeared locally.

Health officials in Hainan on Friday, August 5, announced that from August 1 to 5, the cumulative number of confirmed cases was 191.

Chinadaily cited Sanya’s city’s epidemic prevention and control authority stated 48 new confirmed locally transmitted cases of COVID-19 from midnight to midday on Thursday. These cases increased the total number of confirmed cases to 72 in the current outbreak that was first detected on Monday.

According to NTD, on August 5, the number of areas of Hainan at high risk of a Covid-19 outbreak increased to 52. People in high-risk areas were asked not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.

If people in high-risk areas test negative for Covid-19 for seven consecutive days, their area will be downgraded to medium-risk, meaning that restrictions will be eased.

Haikou City will start to impose controls on boarding passengers. Those who do not have a negative test certificate for Covid-19 within 48 hours will not be allowed to board.

On the 4th, the city of Danzhou, northwest of Hainan, closed a series of entertainment venues and cultural activities. Other mass gatherings such as conferences and funerals are also limited.

Tourist sites in Hainan have instigated the rule that only visitors with negative certificates for Covid-19 can be accepted for 24 hours. Essential places for people such as markets, pharmacies, and shopping centers are also applying strict epidemic prevention measures.

The Chinese economy has paid dearly for the “Zero-Covid” policy, with epidemic prevention measures condemned as extreme and mechanical. However, China’s regime has stated that it will continue this draconian policy, even though the infected case numbers in China are small compared to the rest of the world.

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