Mainland media reported that Beijing suffered severe hail storms on June 12.

On Sunday, many districts in Beijing went through heavy rains with strong winds and thunderstorms. The largest hailstone’s diameter was recorded at 2 inches. 

A resident named Ma from Miyun District said the hail was dense and lasted for dozens of minutes. The hailstones hit cars’ windows, leaving holes.

The resident said, “The hail was quite large and splashed onto my balcony. There was wind and hail again, so I didn’t dare to open the window and took some pictures through the window.” 

Mr. Ma said that the rain in Miyun district was so heavy that he saw two cars flooded at the neighborhood’s entrance across the street.

When the rain stopped, the resident went downstairs and saw that many cars’ windows were shattered. A thick layer of ice had accumulated on the road. Mr. Ma said, “I’ve lived in Miyun for so many years. This hailstorm is kind of big.”

Beijing Meteorological Observatory released statistics that the maximum rainfall in urban areas was 0.9 inches in Chaoyang district, and the maximum rain in the city was 3,45 inches in Miyun district.

The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a yellow rainstorm warning at 06:00 on June 13. 

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