According to a BBC report, data hacked from Xinjiang police has recently revealed how Beijing has conducted mass detention of Uyghurs.

The hacked documents were transferred to Dr. Adrian Zenz, and he later shared them with BBC. Adrian is a scholar at the US-based Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, and the Chinese government once sanctioned him for his influential research on Xinjiang.

The files contain over 5,000 photographs taken by the police of Xinjiang. Over 2,000 were reportedly detained by guards armed with batons standing nearby.

The youngest member in the detained groups was 15 at the time of arrest, while the oldest was a 73-year-old woman.

These people are detained in hundreds of giant so-called ‘re-education’ camps. The Beijing government has sent them there without trial and named them ‘students.’
According to the documents, Beijing imposes a shoot-to-kill policy for any trying to escape. These prisoners are forcibly placed in handcuffs and shackles during the transfers between facilities or even to hospitals.

Reasons for their detention come from ordinary, outward signs of their Islamic faith or even visiting countries with majority Muslim populations.
The Chinese Communist regime has ‘labeled’ a man with ‘strong religious leanings’ because he doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke. The rulings have resulted in ten years of incarceration on a charge of terrorism.
His mother later appears on the relatives-of-the-detained list. She is just one of the thousands placed under suspicion due to their families’ so-called ‘crimes.’

According to the BBC, countless Uighurs have received punishment for their so-called ‘crimes’ that supposedly took place years or decades ago.
Beijing has sentenced a man to 10 years in prison for having ‘studied Islamic scriptures with his grandmother’ for a few days in 2010.

China has repeatedly denied it conducts detention camps in Xinjiang. Instead, Foreign Minister Wang Yi called these prisons the education and training centers in Xinjiang that ‘help people free themselves from extremism.’
In China’s Minister for Public Security Zhao Kezhi’s speech, he suggested that at least two million people are infected with ‘extremist thought’ in southern Xinjiang alone.

According to another report reviewed by the Associated Press (AP), the Konasheher county has the highest prison rate globally. The Department of Justice statistics show that it is ten-fold compared to the U.S. figures.

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