According to the Chinese ZhenShiJi channel, Qinglong County, Guizhou province, experienced torrential hails on May 06.

The 10-minute-long hail turned streets into a glacier. At the same time, the hail flooded into supermarkets and made the goods float.

Residents said they had never witnessed any hail as big as this one.
Some even commented that the hail was so extreme as if the world was ending.

Following the incident on May 06, Guiyang News reported that The Guizhou Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued an orange hail warning at 14:15 on May 09, 2022.

The caution warned residents in Liupanshui City’s eastern and southern parts, and most of Anshun City to be prepared for the potential upcoming hail.

At the same time, the department estimated that hail will appear in three hours after the warning release in Qianxinan Prefecture and Qiannan Prefecture.

Hail and torrential rains are not a singular disaster that Guizhou has recently experienced.

Almost at the same time as the hail, a mountain collapse occurred in Bijie City, Guizhou Province, on May 8. Three elderly people from two families have gone missing.

Like Guizhou, many other provinces of China have been undergoing several natural disasters. These include significant floods resulting from torrential rain, high winds, and thunderstorms.

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