A winery in Maotai Town, Renhuai city, Guizhou Province, caught fire on May 30 and wine and soy sauce was later seen flowing into the river.

A video posted on May 31 shows a large amount of Maotai-flavored liquor flowing into the Chishui River. Local residents said the loss amounted to more than 10 million yuan.

According to The Paper, the fire was extinguished, and there were no casualties. The fire was small, and the fire’s cause is currently under investigation.

A staff member of the local government confirmed the incident. When asked about the loss to the winery and whether there is wine leakage into the river, the staff member responded that it is “under processing.”

Staff at a nearby winery confirmed that a large amount of soy sauce and wine had flowed into the river. They added that some of the wine could not be sold after the fire and had to be dumped.

Local citizens said that the incident took place in the small winery. The initial estimates indicate about 100 tons of soy sauce and wine have leaked. At present, people can smell the liquor.

A resident, Liu Qing, told Times Finance that small wineries and breweries have weak firefighting and pollution control capabilities. 

The Paper called the Renhuai Environmental Protection Bureau many times to ask whether the leakage caused pollution to the surrounding area, but they could not be connected.

However, netizens are worried about the potential pollution of the accident.

A netizen jokes the fish in the river will be drunk and dream of dying.
Some say that this is not only the winery suffering heavy losses but also the river’s ecological environment.

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