On October 6, Chinese media simultaneously reported on a case that caused a stir among the public.

According to Beijing News, passengers on a high-speed train from Guiyang to Beijing noticed the unusual behavior of the two women. They informed the police when they saw a newborn baby with the two women who was continuously crying.

The police then took the suspects to investigate. Li李, a retired obstetrician, said she was hired as the director of the obstetrics department of a private hospital in Guizhou province. She confessed to having performed an illegal abortion in May this year on a pregnant woman. 

After discovering that the baby still had vital signs, she secretly brought the baby home for adoption without telling the baby’s mother. Now the baby has developed steadily, so she brought the baby to her hometown to her son because his wife could not have children. Zhang张 was the one Li hired to accompany and care for the baby.

The incident was a hot search on Baidu and a controversial hot topic among people.

As reported by Xin Tang Ren, Lawyer Zheng Ping in Beijing posted on Weibo that a thorough investigation must be carried out. What is the situation of illegally induced abortion? Was it also planned for a long time? Is it abduction or premeditated trafficking?

Netizens also gave mixed opinions about this incident. Some people think this doctor is the benefactor who saved the baby’s life because the mother wanted to get rid of the baby from the beginning. However, many others believe this is an illegal abortion and don’t know how many innocent babies she has killed. This baby is just one lucky case to be alive.

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