With lockdowns of various degrees, China remains committed to its zero-COVID policy.

Since September 5, some areas of Guiyang city, the southwestern province of Guizhou have been placed under lockdown.

The snap lockdown left many people completely stranded at home. Unable to secure food for several days, they are increasingly desperate. The residential area of Huaguoyuan, home to nearly 500,000 people, is also suffering from food shortages. [Video]

A recent video shows that in the early morning of September 10, a female volunteer in Guiyang City knelt down and begged supply deliverers for food. In her words, her community has been without food supplies for several days. Now they have nothing to eat.

Guiyang police then issued an announcement on September 15 about the incident. The notice reads, “Recently, [the police] received reports from the public that in the silent management area of ​​Huaguoyuan, someone knelt down and posed for pictures and uploaded them to the Internet.” [Image]

The notice adds that the action was to gain views. Meanwhile, the spread of the video caused panic among netizens. The case is currently under investigation.

Jiupai News uploaded a short video of the incident on Weibo, accusing the woman of acting.

The full video shows that early in the morning of the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 10, the woman in Huaguoyuan, Guiyang City, knelt in the middle of the street asking for food from delivery men.

Seeing the woman standing in the middle of the street, a supply delivery man asked her about her problem. They also asked if she had contacted her community for food supplies. She replied that she is a volunteer leader in her community, and all of the volunteers in her area are all waiting for supplies to be delivered to residents. After a while, the men agreed to help the female volunteer.

A police officer in a white protective suit approached the female volunteer and asked her to stand up.

A young man delivering supplies came over and said that they could add each other on WeChat.

The female volunteer bowed again to thank the men.

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