Recently, due to the severe outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Guiyang City, Guizhou province, several counties were closed for several days. Many people have been without food for many days because the government did not have time to provide food, so they cried out for help and cried for help online, making other netizens extremely scared.

According to a report by the Guizhou provincial government, as of September 7, there were a total of 301 positive cases, an increase of 115 cases compared to the previous day. Of the 115 new cases, 64% were found in the second batch of nucleic acid testing for all city residents.

As reported by, the disease is continuing to spread in Shiban town, Huaxi district. The chain of transmission in the residential area of ​​Huaguoyuan continued to spread, even to other areas.

In fact, Huaguoyuan residential area, Huaxi district, and other places in Guiyang were closed for a week due to the severe outbreak of the COVID-19. According to a Guizhou government report, from September 2 to September 5, the entire Huaxi district area has been statically managed (that is people in this area will not be allowed to leave home, staff in the area is prohibited from leaving the unit, and must return immediately after nucleic acid testing).

According to Sound of Hope, a local resident said, “Supermarkets are closed, supplies are suspended, people are not coming out and cars are not running on the streets. Are such extreme policies aimed at fighting the pandemic or destroying them?” A friend of mine works in an egg factory, packing millions of eggs every day, but he doesn’t have a passport so he can’t deliver them anywhere.”

The main reason why people in Guiyang are hungry is because they believe in the government. The starving citizens have no choice but to post on Weibo to ask for help:

One person appealed online: Everyone, please help urgently. At Room 4108, 4th Floor, Area 2, Building 20 in Huaguoyuan there is an old man stuck in a room without water or food, has not eaten for three days, everyone if you are near, please give him some food. If anyone has friends near his room, please pass the word on to that person. If anyone has a chance, please extend a helping hand. Thank you!

Another person said: Dormitory managers, if there is some leftover food in the house, please give some to the people in room 1209. This person has not eaten or drank for three days, now I cannot enter his room. Please give him some food today.

Netizens with the account “qweko” begged for help: Guiyang has screened 301 positive cases. The people of Guiyang are in a state of boiling water, there is no food, some other patients have no medicine, some workers in Hoa Guoyuan have been trapped for five days, and many elderly people live alone. I’m in a very critical situation, please take care of me!!! There’s really nothing left to eat.”

Another online user shared: I’m about to give birth, every day I feel anxious. Obviously I’m in a low-risk area but (still) locked down, can’t leave the house, can’t buy vegetables and meat every day, can only rely on some vegetables that I bought before to survive. This is clearly a return to the era of starvation! Supermarkets and commercial areas are not open, couriers are not delivering, can only wait for the day to lift the blockade. My baby will be born tonight, if there is nothing to eat, I don’t know what else to eat, freshly prepared milk powder a little, also do not know where to buy.

In a video posted online, the residential area in Huaguoyuan, Guiyang City, was closed for three days, many residents because they ran out of food shouted out, the scene looked extremely chaotic and scary.

Another video shows the Guiyang city government has dispatched a large number of militiamen to control people to stay indoors and keep quiet.

Netizens posted a video and revealed that Huaguoyuan is the largest real estate area in the country. When it was about to close, many tenants here did not have time to buy food after their work shift was over. Because of the lockdown, many people cannot buy food, many people have been starving for the past 3 days and have to drink water to endure. In the video, a man can be seen standing on the balcony screaming at the situation.

The Huaguoyuan residential area looks empty without a single person.
A local resident posted a video and complained that a resident wanted to go downstairs to buy some supplies, but the outside door was locked. I placed an order on the online shopping platform but it’s been a day and it still hasn’t arrived, it’s really driving people crazy. The garbage piling up in the corridor already stinks.

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