On August 23rd, Beijing News Network announced that authorities would adjust the original medium-risk zones of Guiye Community and Tongyuan Community, Huayuan Street, Yangtang Village, Luohe town, and Guixi city to high-risk areas.

Hospitals, doctors, and medical staff unavailable for pregnant women

On August 28th, a pregnant Chinese woman near her delivery date requested help online, and her plea became viral on the Weibo platform.

According to netizens’ comments, Guixi has established the so-called “green channel for medical treatment,” but their hotline does not offer help for obstetric examination. And the hospital was unable to assign a doctor.

Comments criticized that all medical staff in Guixi city, Jiangxi Province, are only available for the Covid. And there was no hospital for pregnant women about to give birth. 

Yingtan patients in isolation sleeping on wooden boards: “It is lucky to walk out alive”

On August 21st, a netizen posted images of poor conditions for patients in the isolation center of Yingtan city, Guixi city, Jiangxi Province, on the Weibo platform.

The patients were isolated in a simple treatment center with no medical facilities and only a few wooden boards on the floor for sleeping. There were no doctors, just a few nurses who registered information.

The patient sighed, “forget about the treatment turning negative. It is lucky to walk out alive!”

Covid patients with high fever of 106 °F for a week are ignored, they can’t even buy medicine

Covid patients in Guixi’s current outbreak have more severe symptoms. A few patients got a high fever within a week. The temperatures reached about 106 °F, causing them breathing difficulties.

Images of comments showed that some children who had a fever for eight days couldn’t be taken to the hospital for treatment. Even three family members were diagnosed and were not sent away to isolation. 

It is suspected that the isolation center is already too full.

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