Mainland media The Paper reports that Shanghai Disneyland Hotel on September 7 prevented some guests from leaving over COVID risks. 

According to multiple notices on the internet, the hotel says, “This is a temporary measure to support standard pandemic control procedures. We thank you in advance for your support and cooperation. Please do not leave your room at this time.”

Shanghai Disneyland Resort took the measure after the authorities informed them that one of the visitors at the hotel was in close contact with a positive person.

Chinese outlet SMGNEWS says the individual has been transferred to a centralized quarantine site. Meanwhile, Shanghai Disneyland Hotel will operate in closed-loop management for 2 days, with 5 additional days of close monitoring. Onsite sterilization will also be conducted alongside a regular COVID testing routine.

People have also shared with social media their appetizing meals while remaining isolated at the theme park hotel. This person was served rice, steamed dumplings, pastries, and what looked like scrambled eggs, fried patties, ginkgo snow peas, and beef. Yogurt and other drinks were also on the table.

Outside of that, Shanghai Disneyland, Disneytown, Wishing Star Park, and Toy Story Hotel operated normally. The unexpected incident happened as Shanghai Disney was preparing to launch the first SoReal virtual reality flagship store on September 10. The Paper reports that the event won’t be disrupted.

To facilitate the Chinese government’s zero-COVID policy, people noticed that Shanghai Disneyland has also added testing booths to its direction board. One visitor says the booths are located outside the park.

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