On November 4, the Haizhu District Pandemic Headquarters of Guangzhou City announced that traffic as well as people’s movement would be restricted within 3 days. 

Accordingly, the restrictions will be in effect from November 5 to November 7. Many places across the district were shut down. Residents are not allowed to go out unless necessary.

All residents in the region must undergo COVID tests. Entertainment as well as business venues are suspended. 

After the news broke, a large number of people fled the district on the night of November 4. A video by a local resident shows that the incident took place at about 11:30 p.m.

The line of cars was so long that it was impossible to see the end. 

Due to the lockdown as well as insufficient supplies, residents began looting supplies. The police came in and took control. On November 2, the incident took place at Lujiang Village, in Guangzhou. This village had many migrant workers.

A resident of Haizhu District by the name of Xu said that the supplies were not enough, so they all had to crowd together to get them. In some places, there were fights over the supplies.

Another resident filmed a video and asked why these COVID staffers or Dabai could gather to eat. He wondered if the COVID virus didn’t infect Dabai.

Another video shows several Kecun residents were once again placed under quarantine on November 2. Earlier they had been quarantined for 9 days.
On October 3, many people in the village of Lujiang Village, Haizhu District, Guangzhou were taken away to quarantine.

The number of people in the quarantine hotel was full. Several other people were trapped in buses and were unable to go anywhere.

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