On Saturday, December 3, the Dongshankou subway station in Guangzhou city was shut down. Allegedly some protesters who held up white sheets of paper were arrested. Someone put up an online flier the previous day urging people to hold a protest at the subway entrance. 

Twitter account “Ms. Li is not your teacher” shared a video with police dragging three young people wearing masks from the stairs near Dongshankou subway station and putting them in a police car. The last person to be caught was a woman.

A local netizen posted pictures of the scene, saying that police were stationed every three to five feet outside Dongshankou Station on the night of December 2. And they didn’t leave until about 9 p.m.

The Chinese internet is rife with discussions about a protester holding a white piece of paper who got arrested at Dongshankou Station that day.

On Friday, a netizen posted a flyer on Twitter, urging local residents to gather and protest at Dongshankou Station at 8:00 p.m, Saturday night. 

The flyer reads, “bring your own white paper.”

And on Saturday, Chinese social media Weibo was flooded with news that Dongshankou Station was suddenly closed and the story of protesters being arrested the night before. 

Recently, a standard size sheet of white paper has become a sign of protest. It epitomizes the lack of free speech in China.

Students in Nanjing and Beijing are holding up white sheets of paper as a form of silent protest. White paper was chosen to avoid arrest or censorship. Besides, white is common at Chinese funerals, so this is also a way to mourn the fallen in the protests.

On November 27, Beijing cracked down on most of the “white paper movement” in China. But its effects reverberate worldwide. Slogans like “Communist Party step down” are being heard again and again. “White paper” protests still occur sporadically, and people there have fought back strongly against the lockdowns. Some analysts thought that the “White Paper Revolution” might be the start of the people’s rising up against the CCP.

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