The Chinese government has increased the construction of square cabins more than ever and began using robots to deliver food.

On November 10, netizen ‘Blue Life’ posted footage of Guangdong province’s Guangzhou capital on Facebook, building the high-class square cabin. And a status included, “it is equipped with the most advanced intelligent food delivery robot in China! Locked up here, you can hardly meet humans.”

And a video shows inside a square cabin instruction in Guangzhou.

On November 7, NetEase reported that Guangzhou spent $ 1.4 billion to build the world’s largest super cabin, which will serve as an isolation area in the future.

On November 14, this netizen posted the footage stating, “What is the difference between a prison and a square cabin? In prison, they will feed you to ensure you don’t starve to death while serving your sentence. In the square cabin, you will be charged for each meal and time spent in each room.”

On November 12, a netizen’s footage on Facebook showed “Square cabins on a highway in Zhengzhou – Henan.”

And one square cabin in Zhengzhou county, Yibin city, Sichuan province working overtime and under construction.

And this netizen’s other video stated, “Zhengzhou Ersha 10,000 square cabins will be used soon.” On November 12, the same netizen posted footage of disinfection in universities in Guangzhou, stating that it is impossible to calculate how many tons of chemicals are sprayed daily in China.

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