The COVID-19 pandemic in Guangzhou city, the capital of Guangdong province, has become increasingly severe, with more than 10,000 new positive cases in 9 consecutive days. As a result, most flights in Guangzhou have been canceled. In addition, a few days ago, the offline teaching of primary and secondary schools in eight provincial districts of this was urgently suspended. 

An online circulated video shows that the residents of the lockdown area collectively broke down the lockdown fence and stormed out. There were also people picking wild vegetables to eat to relieve hunger.

According to a report by the Global Times, as of November 9, there are 2,355 cases still in hospital in Guangzhou, 16,172 cases are asymptomatic, and 11,467 cases are still under medical observation. However, the official data on the epidemic released by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is for reference only.

The Haizhou district of Guangzhou city is the most affected area in this outbreak. The official website of Guangdong province reported that, on November 6, the epidemic press conference in Guangzhou announced that the number of new infections in the Haizhou district had reached a new high, caused by the rapid spread of the Omicron variant and a long incubation period.

The Haizhou district has continuously promoted control measures in the past few days. On October 31, residents were ordered to stop non-essential activities. From November 5 to 7, the travel of people and vehicles on the road will be strictly controlled across the area. 

On November 7, the local authority announced that social control measures had been extended until November 11.

According to Caijing, a press conference on the epidemic in Guangzhou on the afternoon of November 9 announced that starting from November 10, schools in Guangzhou will suspend offline teaching in elementary, middle, and high schools, except for Nansha, Conghua, and Zengcheng districts. In addition, high schools with dormitories will be closed, kindergartens will be suspended, and training facilities off-campus will also be suspended from teaching offline.

Vision Times reported that according to the APP data for flight management, as of 10:00 a.m. on November 9, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport canceled 1,163 flights, equivalent to 89% of total flights that day.

Guangzhou residents collectively break the barricades

On November 9, a netizen posted a video showing that, on the night of November 9, in the village of Kangle, Guangzhou, a group of workers in a small alley had successfully broken through the barrier.

On November 6, a netizen named Lillian posted a video that reads, “Guangzhou Big White hit people! The dark forces are so scary! Hitting people is not enough. They, even as a group, hit just one person. Does justice exist anymore?” (Big White is what the Chinese call epidemic prevention workers wearing white protective gear.)

In the video, a male resident argues with anti-epidemic staff wearing blue protective gear. Suddenly, the anti-epidemic staff stood up and waved a hand to slap the male resident, and he hit back. The security guard stepped forward when the two clashed and pulled the male resident out. Finally, this male resident was beaten by the whole security group.

People eat wild vegetables, and many infected people sleep outside

On November 7, a netizen who calls himself “Galaxy from Japan” posted a video with the caption, “Guangzhou, November… can’t buy vegetables… climbing down the ditch to pick wild vegetables.” In the video, an auntie rolls up her pant legs looking for edible wild vegetables in a ditch next to a road. Many people stand on the street watching. Finally, a man said: “Back to ancient times, back to old society.”

One netizen responded, “I’ve never stepped into a new society. The rule of the current regime is many times worse than what they have been propagating about that of the old society.”

On November 10, a netizen named “Who will wipe out the three rivers” posted a video saying, “On November 9 in Guangzhou, a group of positive and asymptomatic people were quarantined at a high school at 94 Lujiang Road and slept outside on cardboard. They hadn’t eaten for more than 20 hours, and at 3 a.m. were dragged to Pazhou makeshift hospital.” Footage in the video shows some people using cardboard boxes to make beds. Some people lie on the cement floor. Some people sit on small stools. These people are locked in an area surrounded by red fences.

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