A man named Yang Jiahao from Guangzhou City took to the streets with a kitchen knife and a cooking utensil to draw public attention to his plight.

According to Da Ji Yuan, since 2016, Yang Jiahao said that he had been unfairly convicted five times, including one time he was unjustly imprisoned.

According to Yang’s description, he used to make a living by investing in securities.

In July 2015, two investment firms in Shenzhen failed to fulfill the contract, resulting in him being unable to obtain his 14.5 million yuan (nearly $2.1 million) of funds. Instead, he received only 1.9 million yuan (nearly $270,000).

In September 2015, he had another dispute about the division of shares. He later said that he was mistreated in a car transaction.

He went to the police to report his cases, hoping the authorities would help him regain his legitimate rights. However, the police did not accept his case.

Yang alleges that the police took bribes to turn their backs on his petition for justice.

With no choice, in December 2018, Yang wrote an open letter to the leader of the Chinese Communist Party’s general secretary Xi Jinping. But he was arrested and convicted of defaming the local government.

After being released from prison, Yang, on August 31 of this year, decided to write an open letter to Xi Jinping in the hope that the top leadership of the CCP would take care of his case. But he received no response.

On the eve of CCP’s 20th Congress, Yang went to Beijing to petition China’s regime to look into his case. However, the police where he lived kidnapped him and brought him back to Guangzhou.

Yang said that because of a series of blatant violations of the law by the local government, he took to the streets to ask the public for help.

Once again, the police came to collect knives, kitchen tools, and a sign with Yang’s words for help.

He said the police required him to sign three commitments before returning his belongings.

The first commitment is that he will not go to Beijing to complain for the next five years. Second, he must declare that local authorities are not wrong in his case. And third, he must not post negative news about local government on the Internet.

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