As the Associated Press reported, most arrivals couldn’t enter the southern metropolis of Guangzhou as of Monday, April 11, as China is busy battling a COVID-19 surge.

With a population of 18 million, Guangzhou is home to several important corporations and holds China’s busiest airport.

On April 11, 27 positive cases were registered. However, elementary and middle schools have shifted to online lessons.

Although it has not implemented any lockdown yet, only citizens with a “definite need” can leave the city, only under the condition that they have a negative COVID-19 test result within 48 hours.

Besides, Shanghai has seen a rise in COVID cases in recent weeks. On April 11, the financial hub recorded a high of 23,342 new cases, most of which were asymptomatic.

Many of Shanghai’s 26 million residents have been confined for up to three weeks as China is sticking to its “zero-COVID” strategy to deal with outbreaks.

Shanghai has seen international events canceled. The local football club Shanghai Port had to withdraw from the Asian Champions League as travel restrictions prohibited the team from attending the match in Thailand.

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) said in a statement. “The AFC acknowledged the travel restrictions faced by Shanghai Port FC as a result of the recent lockdown measures enforced in Shanghai.”

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