The Agricultural Bank of China unexpectedly opened multiple bank accounts for more than a thousand Guangxi ChongZuo Preschool Teachers College graduates, also known as ChongZuo College. A student said they did not provide any identifying information to the bank, nor did they make any of those banking transactions.  

Students who received the card registrations were mainly the 2020 graduates of ChongZuo College, involving as many as 1,457, and each student had about ten bank cards.

After the incident, a teacher from the school’s admissions and employment office announced the bank’s explanation in the student group. The announcement “explained the recent poor experience of students using Type II and Type III electronic accounts” but did not mention anything about the students opening multiple bank accounts without their knowledge.

According to the bank, the school provided all students’ information. The batch of card issuance followed the school data system and had the school’s official seal.

The Finance Department of Chongzuo College staff told JiMu News on Dec. 10 that the school had never provided students’ information to the bank. They were not aware of the matter until the students reported the situation. Regarding the bank cards, they had been negotiating with the bank officials.

ChongZuo College issued a statement that night declaring that the school did not disclose the students’ personal information through any channels, nor did it act on behalf of students to open bank accounts or handle the business of Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3 card accounts.

The bank issued a statement stating that the JiangZhou branch did not fully communicate with customers and the internal audit control was not strict on December 11th. The relevant responsible people would be held accountable.

A staff member of the branch dealing with student’s account issues said that he had contacted the students whose accounts had been opened. The bank will provide them with account cancellation or other services under the students’ demands.

Social media users requested an immediate investigation to find out who leaked the students’ personal information.

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