Recently, the border city of Dongxing in Guangxi, which borders Vietnam, issued a notice on June 2 to crack down on smuggling during the Covid epidemic. 

According to China media, The Paper, the WeChat public of Guangxi Dongxing released a notice on June 2 that included ten related laws about cracking down on smuggling and controlling of COVID pandemic, among others.

Article 6 mentions that those diagnosed with Covid-19, the carriers of the virus, or who know they have Covid-19 but still smuggle and cross the border will face a penalty. The maximum penalty is death, concurrently a fine or confiscation of property. These people will be punished according to the crime of endangering public security and obstructing the prevention and control of the COVID pandemic. 

The punishment announcement issued by the authorities has attracted heated discussion. After one day, the WeChat public account of “Guangxi Dongxing” removed the relevant notifications.

Since the Covid pandemic occurred, China has taken various extreme preventive and control measures for more than two years. This then leads to public discontent.

Sina blog also reported that Siping City, Jilin Province announced on May 31 that those who have not tested nucleic acid more than two times would be detained for ten days, fined 500 yuan (about 75 dollars), and named on the list of dishonest persons.

According to NetEase, Qian’an City, Hebei Province, required on April 27 that each household insert their keys outside the door, and the community will manage it. The police will deal with those who violate the order.

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