The pandemic in China continues to spread. The most notable is Sanya city, Hainan province, where the number of new infections has exceeded 1,000 cases for several consecutive days. On August 16, the Party secretary of Jiyang District, Sanya City, was dismissed for ineffective pandemic prevention. At the same time, Beihai city, Guangxi, has been quietly locked down for more than a month. Large-scale protests broke out on August 15, and then Beihai announced ending the lockdown on August 16.

On August 17, Feng, a man who lives in Yinhai District, Beihai City, happily told Sound of Hope that he was able to go outside to the market, and people actually brought out their cameras.

All of Beihai has moved to a normalizing phase based on the strict implementation of normalized pandemic prevention measures.

Several other mainland Chinese media, such as China Youth, also reported on Beihai’s reopening on August 16. However, there are no public reports on the earlier protests.

A video posted on Twitter on August 15 is of a video from May showing residents from the locked down residential area in Beihai rushing local government buildings asking to lift the lockdown. 

The account @uyunistar tweeted and attached a video: “The Daibai (implying the epidemic prevention staff), the police, the oppressive rulers of Guangxi are scared. The residents are truly admiring. The National Health and Construction Commission urgently announced the lockdown lifting the next day.”

A resident in the Haicheng district said that, currently, except for scenic landscapes, which have not yet been opened, other lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

According to some netizens, the local pandemic prevention staff announced the cancellation of nucleic acid testing in advance.

At 9 pm on August 15, a person named “Captain Maantang” said in a group on social media: “All checkpoints in the area, isolated locations, all of them have been removed. Effective immediately!”

At 10:20 pm, a person named “Wang Yesheng of the Medical and Health Committee” wrote three times in a chat group: “Tomorrow Haicheng District !!! Yinhai District!!! Will lift lockdown on a large scale”, “Good news will follow.”

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