The Xincheng county of Guangxi province was hit by a flood on the morning of May 27. The flood swept away several students that were on their way to school. Two pupils lost their lives.

Local villagers said at 7 that morning, several students from the village took a bus to the town’s school and kindergarten. When passing through an uphill section of the G322 national road, the vehicle could not carry on forward. 

The driver told the students to get off and walk. However, because the water flow was too fast, three students fell into the water.

One of the students was rescued in time. But the other two were swept away in the rapids, washing further away. Local villagers later found the two students, but both had lost their heartbeats and breathing.

A man surnamed Chen told mainland media, “The water at the incident is about fifty to sixty centimeters deep, but the water is very fast.”

He added, “When a child fell, the other children went to pull them, and they were washed away by the water together.”

Xincheng County Education and Sports Bureau staff told mainland media that they had received a rainstorm warning but did not expect it to be so heavy. That’s why they didn’t close the school.

Heavy rain has been flooding many cities in China. In Guangdong province, roads in Meizhou City are flooded, and vehicles are soaked in water.

Meanwhile, in Yunnan Province, on May 27, a severe flood damaged Qiubei county’s power supply facilities. Over 300 mobile communication base stations were out of operation. Four people lost their lives.

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