Fire broke out in a building materials market in Guangxi, locals: fire fighting system no water

On Saturday afternoon, a fire broke out in the Xiangjiang building materials market in Lianzhou Town, Beihai City, Guangxi province, China.

Video shows a fire spreading, with columns of smoke rising. A man near the fire area said he went to check the water system for the firefighting, but there was no water. What is confusing is that it was Saturday, but the authorities had checked before and marked the system as normal until August 5. This made him fear that if there were a fire in his area, he would not know how to deal with it. 

According to China News, the fire has been controlled, and the accident has not caused any casualties. 

The mural celebrates the beauty of Chinese folk; netizens: look like “Japanese Ukiyo-e” style

Recently, many netizens criticized the mural titled “Childhood fun at the market” at Huangchang Station on Line 7 of the Beijing Subway in China as “weird and unbeautiful”.

According to the introduction of Beijing subway management, the picture depicts “a scene full of folklore in the old Beijing city market .”However, netizens said they did not see the beauty of the mural as the way its introductions depicts. 

As reported by Chinese media, most people said, “The painting style is weird and unattractive.” Some people even said the overall style is similar to “toxic teaching materials.” They point out that the person in the paintings is a man who is “taking pictures with ladies’ purses and orchid fingers .”The “orchid fingers” was a beauty of finger movements, expressing different emotions and characters of actresses in Peking Opera. Besides, the children are “painted fat and look like fools”, and “they are all bald, with pointed eyebrows”. Many Chinese netizens said that the people in the murals are “more like Japanese people.” They said that the painting style is like “Japanese Ukiyo-e”.

Hebei: Many villages lost insurance money, the total amount is up to 30 million dollars

Villages in RaoYang County, Hengshui, Hebei Province, have been caught in the “deposit insurance” crisis, amounting up to about 30 million dollars.

According to NetEase, the villagers of Dong Yin Village discovered that their deposits were not available for withdrawal this May. They asked Yin Zhihua, an insurance salesman, to return the money. 

 Yin Zhihua has been in the insurance business for 11 years, during which he got good credit for having any late payment. But this time this huge amount of money was not in Yin Zhihua’s hands; he transferred it to a woman named Fan Mouxia, the person in charge of the related insurance company in Rao Yang. But she has a losing business and can no longer pay back.

The villagers who couldn’t get the money had to pressure the insurance salesman. In this situation, Yin Zhihua chose to commit suicide on the last day of July. Until his death, Yin didn’t figure out the truth of the matter. He writes in his suicide note, “Why did the insurance product we made for ten years become a fake?”

Up to now, the “insurance fiasco” has lasted more than two months, and the villagers still haven’t been able to get their money back. As reported by Chinese media, Dozens of villages are involved, and the amount involved is about 30 million dollars. [ video]

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