Since early June, Guangxi province has faced almost constant heavy rains, causing flooding in many places.

On June 21, due to the heavy rainfall, the water levels of many rivers in Guilin city, Guangxi province, rose rapidly. According to Guilin News, the water level of the Li River in Guilin exceeded the warning water level by 1 to 2 meters. As a result, floods occurred in many parts of the city, affecting people’s lives and property.

On June 22, a video uploaded on the Internet showed that several days of heavy rain resulted in a debris flow in the mountains near Longsheng County, Guilin, Guangxi.

The debris flow moved slowly, but it was powerful. People at the scene shouted “go quickly” as the landslip carried numerous houses away.

A scene that some found amusing was recorded in Guilin, where some chickens were trapped on a bamboo raft and were carried away by flood waters.

In recent days, Yingde City in the province of Guangdong has experienced significant flooding due to heavy rainfall. 

On June 22, the water level in remote areas in Yingde City rose as high as 89 meters above sea level in some places and is still rising.

On the same day, a woman uploaded a video on the Internet, sharing the scene she took while passing Yingde on the high-speed rail. The flood submerged several big trees, leaving only the tops of the trees showing. In addition, many houses flooded to the point where only the roof was visible.

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